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Art Scenics

'Dawn'. Recycled materials; wood, paint and patinised copper. Framed


Quick sketch of Polzeath on a windy day. Oil on canvas

I enjoy the layers you get with water, the deeper rocks, light effects, and the ripples from leaves on the water.

These two are part of my 'fish' period. Acrylic on canvas

(Both sold)


'Junk'. Found and recycled materials, patinised copper, distressed steel and old pallet beams. Framed


'Time for the Beach'. A bit Salvador Dali. Working clock on canvas, with found items from the beach (sold)

'Forest Lake' Found materials, bark, image transfer and patinised copper. Framed


'Pier 53' Mixed and found media, upcycled materials, patinised copper. Framed

'Nick&Ellie' Wedding commission. Found materials, patinised copper and image transfer (sold)


'Harbour Patrol' reprise of my fish period.

Acrylic on canvas (sold)


'Last Summer' Found items and image transfer. Framed

Cornish Cloud.jpg

'Cornish Cloud' Oils on Canvas (sold)

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