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Sci-Fi Art


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I've always been excited about retro science fiction. This piece uses a few new techniques (to me at any rate), extensive 'upcycling' of throw-away computer parts and an old pallet.

Presented in acrylic case.


'Busted Eagle'

Political Comment?

Mixed/found materials and recycled computer components. 

Presented in acrylic case

'Tyrhuus' scratch-built sci-fi model, Presented in acrylic case, and I wrote a short story around it. Click the picture to read it...

'Prawn' Found materials, and computer components Framed. (sold)

'The village has fallen!' Bonkers sci-fi from upcycled materials. Presented in acrylic case


'Entropy' Found and reclaimed items, computer components.

Presented in acrylic case

'They were Brothers' Recycled Brother Ink Cartridges, computer components and LED lights (see inset). Presented in acrylic case

The words translate as: 

'Conquering Garbage'

'Two LC-123BK's who will not die'

'They were Brothers'

'The art of re-use' and

'A media Sensation' 

They were brothersDone.jpg

..and play with a bit of PhotoShop...

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