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Fine Art

I've always been excited about retro science fiction. This piece uses a few new techniques (to me at any rate), extensive 'upcycling' of throw-away computer parts and an old pallet.


I loved how these pine trees looked against the blue sky, with the sun catching the trunks. oil on canvas (sold)

Quick sketch of Polzeath on a windy day. Oil on canvas

Dynamic cloud on the sixth hole at Reigate Hill Golf Club. (Oil on canvas)

I enjoy the layers you get with water, the deeper rocks, light effects, and the ripples from leaves on the water. These three are part of my 'fish' period. Acrylic on canvas (sold)


'Tyrhuus' scratch-built sci-fi model, and I wrote a (very) short story around it. Click the picture to read it...

'Time for the Beach'. A bit Salvador Dali. Working clock on canvas, with found items from the beach

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